About Emmanuel Witzman

Emmanuel Witzman is a member of The Canadian Bar Association, British Columbia Branch, and the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia. He is currently an Associate at MacLean Family Law Group. Fluent in French and Hebrew, he boasts solid experience in family law. Although the firm can handle all kinds of legal conflicts, Emmanuel Witzman and his associates primarily focus on high-conflict custody, child and spousal support issues, guardianship, and property division. Before Emmanuel Witzman accepted a position at MacLean Family Law Group, he was a legal clerk at Hazlett Law Office in Kingston, Ontario.

In this position, he wrote and verified letters, billing statements, and legal documents for the office. He also performed background research for family trials that the practice handled. Once he arrived at MacLean, he had the opportunity to work directly with founder and Articling Principal, Lorne N. MacLean, on highly sensitive family law cases. Emmanuel Witzman soon became responsible for drafting pleadings and agreements, as well as researching legal opinions to prepare for court hearings. Emmanuel Witzman has performed considerable volunteer work throughout his academic and professional career. He was the first volunteer editor for the Queen’s Law Journal from 2006 to 2007.

He then worked as a volunteer caseworker at Queen’s Legal Aid to help community members and students resolve their legal issues at no cost. This constituted a unique training ground, where Emmanuel Witzman could both give back to the community and research potential fields he could contribute to later in his career. Outside the office, Emmanuel Witzman loves sports such as rugby (he previously played on the Queen’s Law Rugby Team), football, and hockey. Still in touch with the arts, he also enjoys writing, acting, and stand-up comedy.


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