British Columbia Overview, by Emmanuel Witzman

British Columbia Overview, by Emmanuel Witzman

British Columbia encompasses over 900,000 square kilometres and is the westernmost province in Canada. Bordered by Alberta, the Yukon, Northwestern Territories, Alaska, Washington, and the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia stands out as one of the most majestic geographical locations in North America. The region boasts an abundant mix of mountains, inlets, rivers, lakes, ocean views, and expansive parks. Some of the area’s most popular parks include Yoho, Glacier, Gulf Islands, and Mount Revelstoke National Parks.

Established as the sixth province of Canada in 1871, four years after Canada’s independence from Britain, the region was named by Queen Victoria, who recognized its appeal and innate splendor. Throughout its history, British Columbia has been a hub for trade, with prime port placement. Unsurprisingly, British Columbia’s economy is closely tied to that of the United States. Today, British Columbia enjoys growing tourism and increased urbanization. Victoria and Vancouver represent the two fastest-growing cities in the province and continue to expand and develop through economy and infrastructure.

About the Author:
An Associate with the MacLean Family Law Group in Vancouver, Emmanuel Witzman continues to expand his knowledge and legal expertise in areas pertaining to family law, as well as in general legal matters. Emmanuel Witzman has also spent many years as a volunteer caseworker and law journal editor. In his free time, Emmanuel Witzman enjoys playing hockey, football, and rugby.


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