Canadian Traditions

Like any country with a rich and lengthy history, Canada has many unique traditions and customs. While individuals of a particular region do not necessarily subscribe to each one, they all serve as a window into the past of a great country.

Old Home Week inspires individuals that have left their hometowns in adulthood to return to the places they grew up. A tradition that originated in the United States, Old Home Week represents somewhat of a town reunion and takes place every 10 years. Over the course of the week, celebrations and parties are held that pay homage to the places and people of years past.

Réveillon is mainly celebrated by the residents of the French-speaking areas of Canada, but has a growing number of Anglophone participants. Derived from the French European tradition, and taking place the nights before Christmas and New Years Days, the celebration includes a lavish dinner that often includes the Québécois specialty, tourtière. Revelers often stay up through the night, celebrating with friends and family.  In addition to French-speaking countries, this tradition is also popular in Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as in New Orleans, where there remain deep ties to Acadia.

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